How To Solve Laptops Daily Hang Problem, Here Is An Idea.

Laptop Hang Problem

Future is presenting us latest gadget and technology. And computer laptop are  the best present given by it. We are so addicted to use them, laptops are great when the function well and work well but we loose our temper when they don’t.  Here are some idea with which you can avoid the freeze problems of laptops computer forever and ever.

Here are common cause of laptop freeze:

1) Laptop over heat: Laptop overheat is the basic reason of laptop freeze.  Overheat happen because of dust coming in through the fan of the laptop and blocks the air ventilators of laptop. When the dust prevents the airflow of laptop it rises the temperature of motherboard.  No air flow means no heat transfer and start heating itself cause over heat and freeze.

2) Insufficient memory: Insufficient memory is another reason of frequent freeze of computer.

heat pass of laptop

Computer ram is brain of computer and holds memory for really small interval. And if you are running bit high programs and software’s on low ram then it simple causes system hang.

Here are some ideas which can be used to avoid the system hang problem:

When you are already in a situation system freeze   and your red colour cross button at the corner is not working, then use to press these three keys. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. These three keys pressing at a same time pop ups a menu of task manager.  And with in task manager you are now able to delete some of the applications because of which your laptop got freezes all the time.

task manager
Above image is of task manager showing all the current application running on the laptop. And by clicking on the end task button, someone easily stop the process which is useless and slowing down the performance of computer system.

And here is second image, another tab on the above of the task bar  explains the complete status and the performance of the laptop. Performance tap generally use to explain the CPU consumption and memory status of the computer system.  In below image 51 are the processes which are currently being running on the system and physical memory is basically the Ram of the computer system and here physical memory is about 2Gb (showing 1950 Mb) in which 699 is being cached and rest 818 is available for the usage.

cpu processing