Google Webmaster Account Creation

Webmaster a important tool to track your website performance a free service from Google search engine. GWT is basically a mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and Google Webmaster Tools helps you to identify issues with your site.

Why webmaster is important for your website:

If you want to know each and every stats of your website  and don’t know where to start from, then you are at right place.

Google webmaster tool  (GWT) is basically a software which helps you in getting detail of your website. Google webmaster tool helps you by giving all the recommendations required for your website and by explaining errors in your website.

Another most important side of GWT is it’s a medium between you and Google, suppose Google wants to send message regarding your website then Google communicates with you by using your Google webmaster account.

How to setup Google webmaster account:

For Google webmaster account set up all you need is a Gmail id for your GWT account. Follow the simple steps for account creation.

1) Open the given Url in your browser , just copy and paste it in address bar and hit the enter button.

signin in gmail account
2) Secondly you have to enter you Gmail id, it will directly takes you to the webmaster account setup.

webmaste account
Here in the given column, you have to enter your website and click on the button saying ADD A PROPERITY. After clicking on  ADD A PROPERITY button search console starts fetching information of your website.

3) After that all you have to verify your ownership for your website. Ownership verification is used to verify that you are the actual owner of the website. It is very important part in the whole process. Because webmaster is the vast medium to get in contact with other websites webmasters and Google and all the personal information regarding your website appears on your Google webmaster account.

verify ownership at google
4) Click on the Alternate method, where it is easy to verify your account with Google analytic account. It’s a third option in row by using Google analytic account. Choose the third option to verify your account by verifying your account by using Google analytic option.

verify google account with analytics
Note: It is important to have Google analytic account in order to get your Google webmaster account. Also see our related post how to set up Google analytics account to track your website performance and traffic on your website.

After clicking on the verify post you are now all settle to have a Google webmaster account for your website.

Sign in with your Google webmaster account now  by entering your email id. Now you are in Google master account where you are able to see menu, show casing Dashboard, Messages (where you see all your messages regarding website).

google webmaster menu
And also the another options like Search appearance, Search Traffic, Search Traffic , Google Index and crawl are some of the important terms of Google webmaster, which tells each discrepancies in your website and area of improvement required in your website for better results.




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