world HIV AIDS day

Why to get tested for HIV?

19 million of 35 million people living with this deadly virus globally do not know there HIV status, India has third highest number of HIV infected people,gay and bisexual men are more severely affected, HIV transmission is common among people having multiple sexual partners,druggists and gay community,largest number of infection occurs between 25-34 years(young age), HIV testing is fast and confidential, whether you are positive or negative you can use this knowledge to take care of your loved ones.

HIV illness
Two good reasons to test for HIV is:

1. If u have HIV,you can get treatment and can increase your lifespan.
2. If u don’t have HIV,you can learn to stay away(prevention is better then cure)

Why test for chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common infectious cause of genital diseases in human,one of the most commonly transmitted diseases,50% of infected and 75% of infected women will have no symptoms,infection is prevalent in young women between 14-19,screening test is recommended for women less than 25 yrs,pregnant women, high-risk males and females ( who either do no use condoms,those who have multiple sexual partners),early diagnosis and treatment decreases the risk of complications like

In females: Pelvic inflammatory disease,cervicitis, salpingitis, bartholinitis.
In males: Infertility, urethritis, epididymitis(painful intercourse) and reiters syndrome (joint pain)

A positive test indicates active infection and can be cured with antibiotics ( if you are infected your sexual partner should also be tested and treated as well). Negative test indicates there is no evidence of disease but to have screening test performed on regular basis

Why get tested for syphilis and gonorrhea?

Often people experience the act of frequent and burning urination or see the development of chancres in the genitals but ignore the fact as a matter of casual behavior. It generally occurs to the people in the age group of 15-29. In their initial stage, they are often painless so a person does not get the test done but, afterward painful rashes take weeks together to get cured. Anal Itching, swollen lymph nodes, and testicle, sores containing pus, thick and blood like discharge from vagina or penis can lead you to severe infection of Syphilis or gonorrhea.

Untreated gonorrhea and syphilis can spread to bloodstream imparting the harmful effect on brain and joints causing damage to the the heart as well as reproductive system. Late detection of these diseases can leave scars for a long time on the body which can last for a period up to 8 weeks also adding mental tension to the sufferer. People of all age groups can be targeted by these diseases. It is advised to have the routine check up for STD’s to enjoy a healthy sexual life while safeguarding one’s self and his or her partner.

At present, there isn’t any vaccine for syphilis and gonorrhea hence it is better to prevent having sex when both the partners are diagnosed with these diseases. Birth control pills can also help in preventing infection as it resists the entrance of sperms into cervix. The disease may also be communicated to the infant from mother during the time of birth.