The growing innovations in the field of AI have made the chatbots available for the business applications today. Companies keep searching for the new ways to meet an ultimate goal ”Generate leads and make sales”. Perhaps, no one could have wondered how chatbots would be applicable to meet their ultimate business goal of boosted conversions at the end.

Chatbots were originally adopted by the businesses to build a connection with their prospects. It’s the new business ideas and opportunities they started providing that pushed their application to a further deeper ground. These opportunities allowed the businesses to curb their limitations and also explore and improve the customer experiences with it. How? That we are going to discuss in this article.

Before that, let’s have a quick view on what type of chatbots are being used by the businesses nowadays. This will give an understanding of how they are being utilized in the growth of these businesses.

Chatbots Nowadays:

  1. Triggered Task models

These chatbots generally respond on the basis of keywords identification. They identify the keywords in a statement and present the assistance accordingly. The results are generally based on providing the matched solutions and service suggestions.

Such Chatbots are seen in the apps like WeChat, and various other websites, who put them to assist the users for making a cross platform request as well. For example, booking a movie ticket, hail a taxi, order food etc.

  1. Interactive textual conversation model

The interactive textual chatbots are more intelligent AI examples where they are presented to the user as something more like a human. They can interact with the user by replying them to the queries like a human conversation.

Facebook Messenger bot is a good example of such interactive chatbots. It can communicate with the users and reply them by sharing your brand’s content and generating leads for your business.

  1. Complex task interaction model

Can it be said for Google’s Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana? Yes, definitely, these are the good examples of Complex task chatbots which provide multiple usages combined in a single access point. These chatbots are the combination of the abilities that you see in the triggered, interactive, and search model chatbots.

What makes them more different than that of other chatbots type is their knowledge base and ability to remember your choices from the past. They can process the requests quicker by using their internet search abilities, and can also reply in a more human way. Such chat bots are generally adopted by the massive scale business as they are complex and require regular knowledge base upgrade.

  1. Search model

These chatbots generally use the search engines to fetch the information their need to process a request. Apple’s Siri is a good example here. If you ask Siri about any Taylor Swift event today, it would give you a result which has been fetched and personalized by it based on the internet search it does to process your request.

While Siri is not just a search bot, but also complex chatbot, the pure search bots are more of less interactive in terms of human-like responses. It would give you the response from the search engines directly and forget it after a time as soon as it finishes giving the response.

Role of Chatbots in your business growth

The two-way communication
show my idea chat bots

The primary lead generation mediums that businesses generally use, provide a one-way communication channel only. I am talking about your business website where different features like contests, coupons, subscriptions etc are used to generate the leads. But they simply act as a broadcasting channel where the other side cannot respond directly.

That’ s where the chatbots can prove to be of real use to make your traditional mediums more accessible in more informed and understandable way. The chatbots provide a two-way communication where the users and businesses can interact directly with an interactive interface without losing the human touch. They can provide a guided user experience on the website which finally leads to a conversion.

Precise, focused, and time-saving leads

Some chatbots have the ability to actually automate the whole series of steps you would follow to collect, deploy, filter, and follow-up the leads. These chatbots can provide an interactive report of the most qualified leads collected by them. Moreover, they can filter these leads according to the relevance and priority they would set on the basis of interaction done with each prospect.

These chatbots help you to get exposed to the qualified leads and focus the follow-ups and other marketing on such leads only. They save the time that would have spent on collecting the leads and then filtering the qualified ones with more chances of conversion. So, ultimately they save the overall time that is spent on the prospects and yet, give the better efficacy with the leads.

The 24×7 support with no extra cost


The 24×7 availability is really hard to attain, and you know that better if you own a business. Worse is the case when you run a business with potential customers from different time zones. It’s a nightmare when you have to pay fortunes to get the extra set of employees working in the night shifts.

Well, the bots don’t work on the 9 to 5 only on weekdays pattern; they work all the time with the same efficiency throughout. So, your customers and leads won’t have to wait till Monday when they have a query or concern on Sunday. However, this has to be done with an active participation from your side as well, as this would work better if you can follow up promptly no matter which day or time it is. You will need to have a coordination with your chatbots and your helpdesk system.

Ultimately, this reduction in the waiting time would give your business an opportunity to thrive with your conversion chances. Moreover, who doesn’t want some happy customers?

The quick and error free task repetition

chat bots chatting

Trust me, if you are given a task that you have to repeat for the thousand of time, despite all your care, you would do the mistake in many of the iterations. It’s a human tendency, and we get fatigued doing the same task again and again. Such tasks are always prone to errors for sure.

Moreover, despite you have done the same task over and over again, the time frame is never the same for each iteration.

Chatbots can easily solve the issue. Some chatbots with better AI and learning abilities can quickly learn the task once they have done in a time frame. Now, on any similar or repeat request for any number of times, they can respond with the same reply they have given for last time and without any error.

Such application of chatbots can be easily seen in the online self- support services given to the customers. For example, you can prepare a knowledge base of all the bug solutions prepared till now for your software product and allow the chatbot to provide these solutions accordingly to the users on a relevant request. It’s a sure thing that you customers will love the quick bug fixing and would spread the good words in their circle.


Chatbots can have so much of applications in the business arena. Their potential to automate and save the time is the most desirable aspect in addition to the 25×7 availability. There are researches still going on. Be ready to see a much more diverse application of these chatbots in the future.

Author Bio: Ethan Roy, a technical content writer by Profession. With years of experience on various eCommerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify), he has a lot to share with the readers. Currently working as Technical Content Writer at Mockingfish.

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