How To Buy And Register A Correct Domain Name For Your Business

buy domain name for your website

If you are wondering to start a online business and have lot of confusion in mind where to start from then this is right place for you.

how to choose a domainThere is a lot of confusions in mind at the time of starting of a new business when you have a new idea regarding business but clueless while purchasing the domains name (website name ) and getting hosting for your website, which type of hosting would be better and beneficial for your website. And it is really very important to have a proper mindset of buying a particular domain for your business.

Buy a domain:

First step in starting a business is always to give a name to your business. Things to remember while giving name to your online business:

1) Your business website name should be unique
2) Your business name should be easy to pronounce
3) Easy to remember

After thinking all this we have to start a process of buying a domain name from company. There is lot of companies who are giving domain service. Some of them are listed here:


From these companies you can buy domain, There are many of companies who are providing domain services, but the main competition for buying a domain is always between these three Godaddy, HostGatttor and Bigrock.

1) Godaddy

go daddy domain2)  Bigrock

buy domain from bigrock3) HostGator
hostgator domain
These are some important websites to buy a domain for your business.

Here is a simple method of purchasing  domain name from Godaddy. Starts with creating your account  on Godaddy .

Step 1:
register godaddyStep 2: Find your preferred domain name and choose it for your business website.

perfect domain nameStep 3: Suppose i want a name “showmybusinessidea” domain name for my business and I searched for it and i got it to.

Select e the domain name by clicking on the select button. Now you are on the final step of buying domain for yourself. After selection it simply ask for “continue to cart” option. Click the button to finalize the process.

Step 4:  This is last step where the tax is included in your domain name and finalize your domain name. Promo code is added automatically added for new customers.

So with these simple steps a non technical person can also buy a domain for their business. Here is Simple idea to start a business.